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Six Paramitas. May 2023

Brief Overview, and the First Paramita: Generosity May 18,2023

The Third Paramita: Patience May 25, 2023 Discussion of patience in the context of Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings on Patience as Inclusiveness, the open and expanded heart as a foundation for this Paramita.

Four Noble Truths, 2022-23

Four Noble Truths– Overview  31:44  A brief description of the life of Shakyamuni Buddha, and an overview of the 4 Noble Truths.      Nov 10, 2022

More on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Noble Truths  23:18   Nov 16, 2022

The Noble Eightfold Path Overview, and Right View  1:11  Dec 5, 2022

Eight Fold Path: Right Thought 28:28 Dec. 9, 2022

Eight-fold Path, use of the wisdom aspects in daily life: Feb 16th, 2023

Eight-Fold Path, Right Action with Thich Nhat Hanh’s 5 Mindfulness Trainings: Feb 23, 2023

Eight-Fold Path, Right Speech March 9, 2023

Eightfold Path, Right Livelihood March 16, 2023

Eightfold Path, Right Effort (Diligence) March 23, 2023

Eightfold Path, Right Effort 2 March 30, 2023

Eightfold Path, Mindfulness 1 April 6, 2023

Eightfold Path, Mindfulness 2 April 20, 2023

Eightfold Path, Concentration 1 April 27, 2023

Eightfold Path, Concentration 2 – Fronsdal’s suggestions for practice May 4,2023


Lojong- 2022

3rd Point- “The Best Way is to Use the 4 Practices” & “Work with Whatever You Encounter Immediately” May 4-

4th Point intro, June 8-

4th Point, “Repudiation” June 15-

4th Point, 5 Forces Review Part I June 22-

4th Point, 5 Forces Review Part II  June 29-

5th Point, beginning the study and practice of the 5th Point, and “ all Dharma has a single purpose   July 20-

-5th Point, “of the 2 Judges… July 27

-5th Point, “Always Maintain a Joyful Mind” Aug 3

5th Point, “Proficiency means you do it even when distracted”   Aug 10-   32:11  Lojong slogans 44 (again!) and 41: Dealing with disturbing emotions, and what to do each morning and evening.

Oct 12, 2022

6th Point- Introduction to the 6th Point, and Commitment  Aug 17th

6th Point- “Abandon all hope of results” Aug 24th

6th Point- Give up poisonous food.” Includes a connection to Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings on The Four Nutriments. Aug 31st

Points 1,2, and 3:  Recap of the 1st 3 Points (incomplete)  June 2-

6th Point- “Don’t be so predictable” Discussion of the lojong aphorism “Don’t be so predictable,” also translated as “Don’t rely on a sense of duty,” “Don’t rely on your good nature,” and “Do not indulge in self-righteousness.”

Beginning 7th point of the Mind Trainings   29:13   A brief review of the 7 Points of Mind Training, and a discussion of the 1st 2 slogans in the 7th Point: “Use one practice for everything,” and “Use one remedy for everything.”   Sep 28, 2022

lojong 7 points, slogans 44 and 49  24:36  “Train in the 3 difficulties,” regarding disturbing emotions, and “Always work on what makes you boil” are discussed, with reference to writings by Jamgon Kongtrul and B. Alan Wallace.    Oct 5, 2022

slogans 55 and 59   23:18   Traleg Kyabgon and B. Alan Wallace lead us in a look at the slogans, “Find freedom through investigation and examination,” and “Don’t expect gratitude” or “don’t expect applause.”     Oct 20, 2022

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